Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’m a man of, well, I’m a distributor of one of the oldest detailing products on the market today.  It’s been around since the troubadours reached Bombay – no, not really, it’s been around since the early 90’s.

OK.  Enough of the ‘Stones lyrics.

It’s a product that many of you have heard of, and many of have used it in the past, and many you may have even distributed it at some point in the past 25 years.  And yes, it’s still around today.  It still has a great following.

However, I’m sure many of you have never heard of it.  Let me introduce it to you.

It’s a product whose official name is DRI WASH ‘n GUARD(R) Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze.  But let me tell you what it really is.


DRI WASH ‘n GUARD Classic with the Pumper.

DriWash, DryWash, DRI WASH ‘n GUARD (or DW&G) is one of the best ways to keep your car looking good, looking like it just rolled out of the showroom, for many years to come. Think of is as the original quick detailer. You just spray it on, wipe it to a haze, then buff it to a shine.  It’s really that easy.  And the best part?  The car does not have to be pre-cleaned with water.  Did you notice the words in the official title “Waterless Car Wash”?

Seriously, it’s that easy.

And no, it won’t scratch.  Seriously.  It wont.

Now of course – you have to have some common sense about just how dirty is too dirty.  If you just competed in a Monster Truck Mud Bog, you don’t want to use DW&G.  However, if your car is dirty from the last rainfall -it’s a perfect opportunity to clean, seal and protect using DW&G.

Like I always tell everyone, if this product didn’t perform as it promises it will, do you think it would still be around?  FOR 25 YEARS.  Especially in today’s day and age of instant information.  If it was any kind of snake oil, it would have been gone long ago.

But it still lives on.  It’s not available in stores.  Only through authorized distributors.  Yes, it is a direct sales model, or network marketing model, or MLM.  But you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Don’t let any of that bother you – but if you’d like to know more, just visit this site.

The product is what I’m here to tell you about.

I’ve been selling DriWash since 2003.  I’ve been using it since the mid 90’s when I got a small 1 ounce bottle from a guy at a local motorcycle swap meet at the National Guard Armory.  I took the bottle and set it on my “car cleaning supplies shelf” in my garage.  I forgot about it for quite some time, until I noticed that my Sportster had some scratches around the fuel cap on the tank.  I would wear cloves when I rode, and often times I would have the gloves on when I went to fill the tank with gas.  The leather gloves would contact the paint around the cap when I went to unscrew it.  I tried a couple of things on my “car cleaning supplies shelf” but nothing seemed to work.  Then I reached for the 1 ounce sample of Dri Wash.  I sprayed  it on the tank, wiped it in, then buffed it.

The scratches were less noticeable.  I was amazed!  Remember, the second part of the official title is “protective glaze”.  If you’ve ever used a glaze before, it helps to fill in small feather scratches, to make them less noticeable.

So, I bought a 32oz bottle.  I loved the way it worked, and used it on my daily drivers. I had a black 1986 Fiero GT at the time – it it brought the car alive. It beads the water when it rains, really gives the paint some depth, and really cleans anything that’s on the surface: bugs, light tar, road dirt, fly droppings.  Pretty much anything.

A few years after I started selling it, I restored my 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback.  That was back in 2005 – and the car still looks like it rolled out of the paintbooth.  Now granted, the car isn’t driven every day, but none-the-less, since 2005, the car has never been washed with water, believe it or not.  Believe it.  Never washed with water.

2015_wgvfMy 1965 Mustang – Only Dri Washed since 2005.

I get calls from people every day that say they remember this product.  The used it way back when, but the guy that they bought it from is no longer around.  Well, I’m still around.  I don’t make my living selling this product, so I don’t don’t depend on sales of it to feed my family.  I’m an enthusiast who really loves the product, and have become one of the longest active and largest distributors of the product.

So, why not give it a try.  Let me introduce you to what will soon become your favorite product for taking car of  your car’s paint.  It’s called DRI WASH ‘n GUARD(R) Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze

John Skurka
Owner and Independent Distributor

Dri Wash in the AIR!


Our customer Jim R from Texas uses DRI WASH ‘n GUARD on his Vintage airplane!  Dri Wash is very popular with aircraft owners, as it allows them to wash their aircraft on the tarmac since it uses NO WATER!

This a WWII Canadian Harvard MK IV originally used as an advanced trainer.

It was Surplussed in the mid 1960’s by the Canadian Air Force, acquired by 20th Century Fox and converted to look like a Japanese Zero Fighter for the 1969 movie TORA TORA TORA.

Through donations it found its way to the CAF and became part of the airshow act TORA TORA TORA in the early 1970’s.

It is still part of that story.

One Sweet 5 Window Coupe

Our Customer Glen S. from PA, says this:

I use DriWash on my 34 Chevy 5 window Coupe. I am always looking for the best products to clean. I have a cabinet full of products that claimed they were the best that I no longer use. I saw DriWash in an advertisement and decided to try it. I was amazed at the results I use it in my garage and take it along to shows. It’s easy to use and it does WORK!

Thanks DriWash!



Daily Driver Testimony 

Our customer Todd S. from Upstate NY is a long time user of DRI WASH ‘n GUARD.  Todd says:

I have used it for a long time. I remember the first time my mother in law sent me a bottle that she bought in Montana. It was during the winter and I was driving a Volvo wagon. I tried it on the car after a long trip in the garage. Sprayed it on the car used a terry cloth towel and wiped the salt, and road dirt off the car and then buffed to a shine. I have used it on all my cars since. I was even a distributor for about 2 years and did a few detail jobs. It’s is the easiest way to clean the entire car. I cleaned my 2 cars in under an hour without water the day I received your shipment. The blue car is a 2013 Honda Accord I just purchased and I was out of dry wash and saw your website on the Internet so ordered a bottle.”

His car looks like new – but you already knew that.

How Dirty is Too Dirty?

People always ask me when using DRI WASH ‘n GUARD how dirty is too dirty?  My response is typically if there is caked on mud, that’s too dirty.  However,  if the car is just dirty from the last time it rained,  it’s perfectly fine to use dri wash. 

Photo 1: This truck is too dirty to dri wash. 

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Factory Second Pumpers Available


Yep.  I screwed up.  Things were going along fine with manufacturing thePUMPER, fine that is until I ran out of labels.

But, being the forward thinking business owner that I am,  I had ordered replacement labels for the remainder of the bottles I had in stock.

So, I grabbed the roll, and installed it on my label machine and just kept right on going.  Putting labels on the bottles is somewhat fulfilling,  as it’s the last step in assembly.

So, I’m rolling along, and then I notice it.  The labels are upside-down!!  WTH?  How can that be?  It’s impossible to put them on the label machine backwards. What on earth is going on?

Then I figured it out.  The printer made them come off the roll in the wrong direction.

When I ordered the first set of labels,  the printer had me come in on a Saturday to do a run of 500 labels.  I had previously submitted the artwork and told him the labels should come off with the labels wound out, left side first (or position 4).  Well, in the course of printing the initial lot, he didn’t make a a note of the unwind direction,  and instead of left side first,  they were right side first (or position 3).

Not really a big problem,  I just had to move the bottle stop to the other side,  and readjust for the label position.

But I now had a couple of cases of bottles with the labels upside-down.

My loss.  Your gain.   These upside-down bottles are on the site at a 38% discount:  Just $4.95 each.

Get one before they’re gone!

The Dri Wash You Remember

Dateline Early to uhMid 1990’s.  DRI WASH ‘n GUARD – the original waterless car wash, explodes onto the market.  Tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, heck maybe even millions of people are introduced to a new way of cleaning their cars.

Cleaning without using water.

This new product allows you to do what?  Wait, won’t it scratch?  Of course not. It uses a space age method of surrounding dirt, and lifting it off the surface.  You know, just like a detergent does when you use water.  The detergent, soap, cleaning agent, whatever you add to the water, acts as a lubricant, to protect the surface from the dirt.

DRI WASH ‘n GUARD does the exact same thing.  Just without a drop of water.  HOW CAN THIS BE?  Seriously, it works.  This is 2016.

DRI WASH ‘n GUARD has been around CONTINUOUSLY since 1991.  Many folks used it in the 90’s and for whatever reason, forgot about it.  Maybe the distributor they bought it from no longer sells it.  Maybe they moved.  Maybe the used the last of it and just forgot to get some more.

Whatever the reason, I hear it nearly every day.  “I used to use this stuff a long time ago.  This stuff is GREAT!  but I can’t find it any more”

It’s amazing.  Here at DriWash Solutions, we’ve been a distributor, NONSTOP, since 2003. We ship the product all over the USA everyday.  We’ve been one of the largest distributors of DRI WASH ‘n GUARD since we started in 2003. We carry the complete DWG line, and will ship a bottle or a box of 12. Whatever you’d like or whatever you need. We have it.

Since nobody likes to pay for shipping, we’ve discounted the prices of single bottles by 10%, and bundles and cases by 15%. This offsets the costs of the shipping charges and gets you your product at very close to the suggested retail price.

When you search for “dri wash”
our site comes up #1 in GOOGLE, BING, and all other major search engines.  Yet, folks can’t find it.  We’re amazed.  We’re right here.  On the internet.  Selling the best waterless car wash product that most people have never heard.

Unless you heard of it in the 90’s and have been using it ever since. This is to let you know that we’re here.  Ready to ship.

It’s the same product you remember.