DriWash Solutions has been a distributor of DRI WASH ‘n GUARD Waterless Car Wash since 2003.

Before that, we were users of the product, since 1995.  It all started with a 1oz sample bottle that we got at a swap meet.  I tried it on my 1995 Sportster tank, and I was hooked.

In early 2002, I decided I wanted to start a business.  An internet business.  I was looking for a product to sell, and remembered the 1oz bottle.  It had a distributor’s name on it, so I called him.  He no longer sold it. so I Googled it.  I wound up signing up under an internet distributor, and started my own company.  in 2003, the site went live: driwashsolutions.com

The driwashsolutions.com website circa 2004

We started by just accepting PayPal, but then quickly realized business could be better if I accepted credit cards.  So, with a merchant account in hand, we started accepting credit cards, and with SEO optimization, became a top volume distributor of the entire DRI WASH ‘n GUARD Product line.  Our site quickly moved to the top of the google search index for “dri wash” and other to “dry wash” keywords, where it remains today.

After 5 years, we continuously won awards for volume at the annual conference, and even though there are no longer annual conferences, we’re one of the top distributors of the product for many years running.

in 2008, after 5 years of running the same site, we updated the page to a fresh new look.  We were running a OSCommerce store, which served us well until late 2015.

The DriWashSolutions webstore 2008-2015.

Then in 2014, we launched our third generation website, with a brand new Shopify store in 2016.  We’re on a mission to “Make DriWash ‘n Guard Great Again”.  So many people know the product, used to be distributors, or bought the product from a distributor, but then stopped using it because they couldn’t find it anymore.

We here.  We’ve been here.  All along. Since 2003.  Selling and shipping Dri Wash all over the country.


John Skurka
DriWash Solutions

DriWash Solutions Website 2014 – Present

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